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WWTSW?! : Modcloth Edition!

Hey guys, happy monday! Today I am going to be a bit lazy, and by lazy I don’t mean not making a post! Today I will make my category of WWTSW?!  a bit simpler and faster!

Let’s get started!
WWTSW!?Ok so today’s inspiration was Modcloth! because weirdly, Taylor’s look screams Modcloth as well!

Ok well I am not going to explain how I decided to pick each piece because again I want to make this Post a bit faster and shorter for the good of everyone!

But here are the links!





Last but not least here are your daily CPs!

well I will see you guys tomorrow!




WWTSW?! Dress to Impress Edition| Pastels

Hey guys! today I will premiere a new category and it’s going to be called ‘What Would Taylor Swift Wear?!’ I hope you guys like it!

WWTSW!?ok let’s get started! We know now-a-days Taylor wears spontaneous styles and that is what I love the most about her! she is fearless, but for summer she is wearing a lot of stripes, prints and dresses!


and here is what I found!

Circle Print dress


This dress would be perfect for a Taylor look, we all know that even if Taylor’s dresses are short they still look appropriate! This one is a Betsey Johnson dress and  I found this one at Nastygal.com Click on the link or the picture to check it out!

Pastel Blazer

Pastel Blazer

We all know that Taylor is all about formal with a twist of casual and she works, and I chose this blazer because it’s short and the pastel color will contrast with the dress’ print. I found this one at Chicnova.com Click on the link or the picture to get one of your own!

Mint Oxford heels

oxford heels

This one was easy, Taylor wouldn’t be Taylor without Oxfords and these were to die for, and since the signature color was pastels. I found these on Modcloth.com Click the link or the picture to buy them.

Pastel Pink headband


Taylor Accesories with headbands and I think that is the best thing! again pastel and this one ties this outfit. I found this headband at Farfetch.com Click on the link or the picture to buy it!

 Here is the complete outfit

well I hope you guys enjoyed this post! and here are your daily CPs!

I will see you guys tomorrow



Taylor Swift Little black and white dress!

Hey guys I know that I haven’t been posting but I was busy but here is todays post! and don’t worry i will also post the Pretty Little Liars link!

first things first here is the link for pretty little liars 5×2 “Whirly girl” Just click on the picture below


OK now for today’s post here are the picture of taylor’s lovely dress.

taylor-swift-cara-delevingne-5-600x900 (1)

Dress #1


This dress is for those gals who love short dresses because to have the look doesn’t have to be a match. I found this lovely dress on yesstyle.com, Click on the picture to be redirected to the website.

Dress #2



This dress is for us that love long dresses but still very sophisticated! this dress i found in yesstyles.com, click on the picture to check it out!

Dress #3Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 10.53.03 PM

This last dress is very flirty and cute and I just had to share it with you guys! I found this dress on farfetch.com, click on the picture to be redirected.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed that! Have a nice weekend!



Taylor Swift, Pretty Little Liars and Nicholas Sparks!

Hello to you all and happy wednesday! Us, Pretty Little Liars fans are still recovering from yesterday and if you didn’t experience it its ok just go ahead and click on the link below and watch.



Ok now for the Taylor Swift News. She is already working to her 5th album and she said “It’s Already my favorite thing” She also revealed that she will keep the same style she created with her album “Red”


Guess what? Nicholas Sparks latest movie “The Best of me ” already has a trailer and here it is!

well I hope you enjoyed these news since there is no other countdown at the moment I will be posting form Monday to Friday only,and I will see you tomorrow!



Taylor’s having Problems with her corporation?

Happy tuesday and welcome to another day! and may I say Happy Pretty Little Liars day! Want more PLL click on this icon below.

Happy PrettyLittleLiars day!

ok well today I will talk about Taylor swift’s Corporation problem.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.54.07 AM

If you haven’t heard, Taylor and her people, our swiftie People are having problems or will have problems due to a suppose copyright infringement with the “Lucky 13.” If there is another update I will let you guys know.

Swifties are always


but yet we are Fearless!

thanks to Taylor swift

Keep calm because there is only…



7 days counting today!

and remember…



Taylor Swift rocks High waisted shorts


Hello peeps and hope you are having a happy monday because I know I am. Ok today I will recreate another Taylor Swift look stay tuned

 here is Taylor’s picture again

Taylor Swift Stops By A Gym In New York


and here is what I found

Pink collar top

 This pink top I found at farfetch.com and It’s pink and cute and I love it so should you so here is the link.

High waisted shorts

These shorts are super cute and so in right now I found them at yesstyle.com , and again Taylor Swift rocked them and you can as well here is the link.


The shoes are so chic and vintage and that color look amazing on Taylor. Oh and look at those adorable laces, I found them at DSW.com go get your pair here is the link. 


Last but not least you can’t forget the headband, Taylor’s short hair looks so adorable with her headband, i found this one at forever21.com here is the link.

and Voila here is the look hope you enjoyed it

ok now please fangirl because there is only…

2222 days counting today.

and remember…



Taylor Swift on Ked’s Event

Happy Pretty Little Liars day!



I hope you guys are very much enjoying your day! well now for today’s post, as you could read the title it is surely about Taylor Swift, our lovely Taylor that we all know and love made us want to love her even more with the amazing dress she had paired with KEDS of course here are couple of images


and now for the fun part. I gathered several similar dresses so you can rock the similar look! 

Dress 1

Dress 1

This dress is shorter than Taylor’s but I did it on purpose for those that can’t wear long dresses click on the picture to be redirected or click here.

Dress 2

Dress 2

This dress if for those lovely gals that love body tight dresses and the length this one carries is similar to Taylor’s. click on the image to be redirected or click here.

Dress 3

Dress 3

This dress is from Modcloth so how could I said no, besides this dress is very causal so you can wear it with some sandals or flats. click on the image or click here.

well that was it, but keep calm liars  because there is only…


28 days counting today

and remember…