Troian Bellisario Launch of Pretty Little Liars at Aeropostale

Yesterday Was Tuesday and It was Pretty Little Liars day! What did Ya’ll think about the episode 415 Love ShAck, baby.

Starting Next Week on every tuesday  I will be doing 4 Stars (Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and last but not least Shay Mitchell)

Well as you know Troian Bellisario is a member of the Liars Team. I decided that todays “Dress like the stars” post would be her since I always love what she wears on set and off. So Pretty Little Liars just launched a collection at Aeropostale and she attended the event in New York City on January 8, 2014. So here is goes.


Lets start with the dress, This dress is pretty and chic I love the way it looks on her and the length of the dress make her look nice and tall. Well I was searching for this exact dress but I couldn’t find it… Sorry guys. but I did find one that is close to it and I also LOVE it.

Dress From


She pairs the dress with a thin red waist belt with a side buckle I did find a cuter one on ebay with a little red bow. Again something she would wear, in my case i would wear the buckle to the side.

Belt from



Troian decided not to show legs so she wore some see through black tights and you can buy those anywhere from dollar stores to Sears. The link I post it is from

Tights from


She loves watches and since in this picture she is wearing a watch and a leather band, why not mix both so I went to and found a cute leather band watch.

Watch from


The shoes…Oh the shoes, those are my favorite to look for specially the shoes Troian is wearing Simple but elegant.


I went ahead and searched for some Michael Antonio Lydia Suede Pump and I found them on so there is always specials there so you can be on your lucky day.

Shoes from



Earrings found weren’t exactly the same so I found one pair on, one of my favorite sites to buy jewelery by the way go check it out if you haven’t.

Earrings from


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Matte Coat Lacquer (First Review)

Hello people of the world,

About a month ago I was surfing through Youtube and I came across a Nail video and there was a special top coat to make your normal favorite nail color into a Matte look. So I said “Awesome I need to get that.” A week later I forgot about it and I went into Walgreens and I saw a L’oreal’s Magic top coats collection and they had a Matte coat and it had a pretty bottle so I grabbed it. Then I saw another one from wet n’ wild so i bought both.


Wet n wild Matte Coat – $1.99


L’oreal Matte top coat – $9.99

So of course I Tried them and LOVED both of them They both work amazingly Good, there is just one very important difference The price.  I bought L’oreal because It had a pretty bottle and because I was skeptical about the other one just because it was cheaper. But it turns out both of them work very well.

Don’t worry guys Matte nails don’t have to be expensive to look expensive. I hope this review helps you and if you have any question just let me know on the comments and subscribe to my blog.

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Selena Gomez Teen Vouge December 2013 Photoshoot.

Selena gomez had a photoshoot that I believe it was a total beauty. The outfits she was wearing in all the photographs were amazingly beautiful and elegant but there is one that caught my eye the most and it is the following.


Selena’s signature clothing piece in this photo is the blazer. I was looking through websites and couldn’t find one similar to that but I finally did, this blazer seems very light to wear and I found this on

Blazer from For only $30.00


The shorts are very me. They are not short, the fold on them makes it look very layed back and comfortable to be wearing. I found some shorts of Forever 21 here is the link

Shorts from Forever 21 For only $19.80


The top she has on is a simple long sleeve collar shirt and I also found it on Forever 21. AWESOME

Top from Forever 21 For only $17.80


NOTE: I also noticed she is wearing a white tee on the bottom but that is pretty simple you can head to walmart or even target.

Image    If Someone can figure out what shoes she is wearing, comment below. but combat boots wound do it for this look.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.59.15 AM

Black Belts are inexpensive anywhere so I didn’t add a link to it but Selena is wearing a black belt.

Selena is wearing some lightweight accessories like the rings and the golden thin bangle. I can’t destinguish what the ring says but I went ahead and looked for a ring that read “Love” and I found one that is super cute on

Ring From only for $5.80


Bracelet from Forever 21 only for $6.80 a set of 11 bangles


The nail color to me is the most important thing. Nails can’t go unnoticed so he nail color I saw on Selena was By O.P.I It’s A Girl.

Nail Lacquer from only for $6.75 (Tax included on the following price)


Then you are done and now you totally rock this selena look. Ok that is it for this post I hope you guys like it and enjoy it if you guys have any questions just let me know. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and let me know what you think of this post.

Taylor Swift “Sweeter than Fiction” photo shoot (Lucky First Post! )

Point has been made… I Love Taylor Swift. She is a good role model, Great Singer, and a fashion trenderrr… I just made a new word. ANYWAYS lets get down and trendy.

We all know that Tay Tay nailed the song “Sweeter than fiction,” That was released months back. I’ve seen a picture debuting this song and it is the following:

Sweeter than fiction

This lovely Blue floral dress it is very sophisticated, simple and doesn’t have any expiration date (According to moi). I went ahead and looked up some similar dresses so you can rock this Tay Tay look.

Dress from, A bit pricy but worth buying. 


Now for the shoes. The type of heel is very sophisticated with a touch of sexy, simple black colored heels with a fishnet looking print.Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.27.57 PM

Now for the shoes. The type of heel is very sophisticated with a touch of sexy, simple black colored heels with a fishnet looking print.

Shoes from

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.51.14 PM

we all know Taylor Swift accessorizes very well and for her RED is the color!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.54.47 PM

Nail Lacquer from O.P.I 

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.57.01 PM

Lastly add a gold bangle bracelet and some small circled silver earrings and you are good to go. Now You are rocking the Taylor Swift Look and you look “Sweeter than Fiction”

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