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Nicholas Sparks: ‘The Choice’ Movie adaptation

Hey guys and I’m here to give you great  NO amazing NO out of this world News! Click on the icon below or keep reading!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 12.13.06 AM

> I have recently heard about a new Nicholas Sparks Movie coming up! well starting to film

> No I am not talking about ‘The Best of me’ no wrong again not talking about ‘The Longest Ride”

> I am talking about ‘The Choice’ Yes Nicholas Sparks has made the movie adaptation possible!

and my feelings are something like this!

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The Best of me Poster!

Hey guys happy monday, I hope you had an amazing weekend! well today you all are going to see ‘The Best o Me’ Poster. Click on the link below or just keep reading!

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.37.47 PM

here is the Movie Poster


I really don’t know how exited you are about this movie but I know I am super mega exited!

Here is the movie trailer once again

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Once Upon a Time Casting news

Hello guys and TGIF, and I have a feeling that everyone that is a OUAT fan is going to have an amazing weekend. Casting was revealed for ‘Frozen’ characters, click on the icon below or keep reading!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.39.46 PM

Ok well let’s get started!

> Once Upon a Time director casted Anna, Elsa and Kristoff.

Georgina Haig as Elsa



Elizabeth Lail as Anna



Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff



What do you think? good decisions bad decisions? If you ask me they picked well and I can’t wait to see them in action!

That was all for today’s post I will see you guys tomorrow, here are your Daily CPs!



WWSHW! | Episode 5×6 inspiration

Hey guys happy Thursday today I will make another WWSHW!?!


and my inspiration was next week’s new episode of PLL! Here is the pictures

Ok let’s get started!

here is the outfit all put together

1. Jumper dress


Ok yes I know that this dress has stripes and Spencer’s doesn’t but this IS an inspiration outfit. I found this at click on the link or the picture to get yours.

2. Button down Blouse


I loved this top because as It is a darker blue and it looks so adorable and all the attention can go to the jumper dress and I found this blouse at, click on the link or the picture to get your own!

3. Thigh High socks

Thigh High SocksThis one was a no-brainer! you can find thigh high socks anywhere but I found these precisely on Click on the link or the picture to see for yourself!

4. Combat boots

Combat boots

when I say “Spencer” you say “Combat boots” Spencer’s signature  shoe wear would be boots but mostly Combat. These I found at click on the link or the picture to get yours today!

5. Black Beanie


Ok ok this is more of a Hanna look but what the heck, Mandi Line wanted to play with the looks and I congratulate her it looks awesome! I found this one at click on the link or the picture to go to the website.

Ok that was all for today’s WWSHW?!?! and here are the CPs!

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