Fresh Start Monday: The Originals

Hey guys today I will give you something to survive this whole monday! Click on the link or keep reading!



ok well today I will talk about how amazing ‘The Originals’ Season 2 teaser is. WHAT?! you haven’t seen it? it’s ok here it is

ok well you can read more about the article in the link I posted at the MTV logo!

that is all for today, there will be no countdown pictures this week!

I will see you guys tomorrow




The Originals new Book Series!

Hello my fellow Supernaturals, today it is an amazing day to celebrate two things! Before I forget, Happy Pretty Little Liars days! And for the other news You’ll just have to read about it below!


Ok well here it is!

The Originals was too good to only be seen so why not might as well make a Book Series, to read!


Ok now Celebrate your butt off!

Well that was the news so if you want to read more just click on the icon below!

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 5.36.57 PM

Ok well before I go here is your Daily CPs!

I will see you guys tomorrow!



WWTSW?! : Modcloth Edition!

Hey guys, happy monday! Today I am going to be a bit lazy, and by lazy I don’t mean not making a post! Today I will make my category of WWTSW?!  a bit simpler and faster!

Let’s get started!
WWTSW!?Ok so today’s inspiration was Modcloth! because weirdly, Taylor’s look screams Modcloth as well!

Ok well I am not going to explain how I decided to pick each piece because again I want to make this Post a bit faster and shorter for the good of everyone!

But here are the links!





Last but not least here are your daily CPs!

well I will see you guys tomorrow!