Summer! The originals new Schedule and more!

Hello my friends today will be a sort of short post, so let’s get started shall we?

Summer is around the corner, new summer, new beginnings, new schedules, new shows. Here is another list of what is going to happen this summer


(This list does not include EVERYTHING that’s happening on summer)

1. Mondays are about to get fancy! The originals new schedule is on Mondays! yaay

The originals Vault

2. There are some new shows from the CW network that include “The flash” and “Jane the virgin”

THE-FLASH-First-Image jane-the-virgin-key-art

3. Although Reign, Once upon a time, The Vampire diaries and The Originals are out of season, Pretty Little Liars will have it’s 5th season!


tumblr_inline_mw7zvu1GKd1r1hxxbwell please fangirl because there is only…


20 days counting today

and remember…




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