Sasha Pieterse on the cover of NKD Magazine

First of all I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Shay Mitchell on her 27th year of life!

Happy 27th Birthday Shay!

To honor her Kind and loving heart I will remind you of the honorous thing she did this year  on January! She went to Africa to help kids in need of resources I will post the link  here so you can read all about it.

Ok let’s

Lets Pretty Little Liars Talk!!

Let me tell you what you missed on my other blog!

> Did Jason Kill his own mother? (Reasons to believe that)

> Did Wren kill Mrs. DiLaurentis? (Reasons to believe that)

> What are Noel’s Secrets (Conspiracies)

> Episode titles revealed

and many more!

Don’t worry you can still read about them just click on the icon below



Ok now in other news if you still don’t know that Sasha (Alison DiLaurentis) is on the cover of this year’s April Issue of NKD Magazine here are the pictures.

Don’t worry guys because you only have to wait



62 days (Counting today)





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