Pretty Little Liars Spoiler Why is Mrs. Dilaurentis Covering for ‘A’

Hope you guys are having an amazing thursday and also hope you guys tune in to The Vampire Diaries and Reign, I know I AM.

The-Vampire-Diaries-Season-5-banner reign-season-1-2013_97571382684978ok…

Lets Pretty Little Liars Talk!!

Well we are so eagerly trying to get answers and get ahead of season 5 of PLL, well i’ll helping you guys on that and I have major Spoilers… well It’s more of a Theory according to <— click on that link if you want to read for yourself.

But here is the gist of it

> Latin times are theorising about Mrs. D covering for ‘A’ because It might be Jason the one that tried to kill Alison or an unknown child, yep you read right, a long lost child we all know Jason isn’t Ali’s biological brother.


> Latin times are also saying that Mrs. D has a EVIL TWIN…Yes and evil twin and that she might be at Radley and that is why on the season finale she was so worried talking on the phone. Since she is on the board of Radley… It’s much easier to keep an eye on her insane sister.


> Latin times might also think that Mrs. D is covering for ‘A’ because he/she might know a very deep dark secret that the DiLaurentis family keeps hidden under the rocks.

well as I always say read for yourself so you can get all the juicy details, until next time lovelies




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