Claire Holt on Bello Magazine!

HAPPY MONDAYYYY! now that spring break is over and we all have to go to school. Let me know what you did this spring break.

HAppy monday

Claire as beautiful as she is she is on the cover of Bello Magazine (March 2014) so I went ahead and found the pictures in case you haven’t been able to see them. So here they are some behind the scenes and the actual picture

oh I also took the liberty to find cheaper clothing pieces similar to Claire’s




First of all here is the cover BTW she looks stunning.

Here are the pictures I found they are cheap and very casual as well. The top I found on and it is priced from $44.40 to $39.99 Here is the link. For the skirt I found on worthington brand and priced at $11.99 originally for $30. Here is the link for the skirt.

Well Here it is another beautiful shot of Claire and I found these two pieces cheap. The top I found on and it is only $19.98 and it’s cute. Here is the link for the top. The skirt I got pretty close to it the only difference is that one is cheaper… extremely cheaper that the other and it is $19 dollars with some cents. Here is the link for the skirt.


Here are other pictures because you deserve to see all of them, oh and if you are wondering how I found all the clothing I posted well I used… it is really cool if you haven’t gone to the website I advise you to go…..Like now I’m done with my blog post anyways. GO LIKE NOW! please.





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