“The Best of Me” Movie!!!

Note: All this information I gathered was from IMDb.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 2.03.16 AM

First of all R.I.P Paul Walker that was going to play one of the characters but then passed away.

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 2.12.39 AM

I know that this news are very old but when I found out I had to get the book and read it before writing about it. So I read it and I have all good things about it from the first page to the last, disappointments but it made the book more exiting. If you haven’t read this book read it, because the only reason why I barely finished reading this book was because I didn’t want it to end A.K.A Procrastination activated while reading this book. well here are the picture of the cover and the genius author

Best of me Cover

Nicholas Sparks Best of meOk I really don’t want to talk about the book because I feel like I will say something that might ruin the book so go ahead and read it to find out how amazing this book is. The only thing I’m gonna say is that it’s heartbreaking, heartwarming and heart stealing.

I looked into the actors that are going to be playing the characters. Some of the characters are already given an actor but not all of them.

Liana Liberato Best of me

Liana Liberato

Michelle Monaghan Best of me

Michelle Monaghan

These two beautiful actresses are playing Amanda Collier, these two definitely match the characterization of Amanda.

Luke Bracey Best of me

Luke Bracey

James Marsden best of me

James Marsden

These two young men are being characterized as Dawson Cole. Perfect for this character I can’t wait to see how these two bring Dawson to life. Paul Walker was given this role but was replaced due his tragic death.

Sebastian Arcelus best of me

Sebastian Arcelus

It doesn’t say who this actor and who he is playing it can be Frank, Abee, or Ted my guess… Abee or Ted because you can familiarize it to Dawson.

ok now for the people behind this movie

Denise Dinovi Best of me

Denise Dinovi (Producer)

ryan kavanaugh Best of me

Ryan Kavanaugh (Producer)

D. Scott Lumpkin (Co-producer)

Theresa Park (Co-Producer)

Nicholas Sparks Best of me

Nicholas Sparks (Producer and author of the book)

and so much more people behind, more news will be posted as soon as they release… well as soon as I can. Well that is it for this post, I will see you guys soon




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