The Originals Preview Pictures + Once Upon a Time Poster

OK well First we will start with the Preview Pictures and let me tell you they are very interesting.

The Originals March 3-9The Originals March 3-2


The Originals March 3-8 The Original March 3-1

The Originals March 3-10

The Originals March 3-6

The Originals March 3-12The Originals March 3-11


The Originals March 3-3The Originals March 3-5


The Originals March 3-13The Originals March 3-7








Well here is the Once Upon a Time poster I promised you.

once upon a time

Well there you have it, I really don’t know what to say about these pictures other than the fact that is going to be extremely Epic and Exciting. And I’m Loving the Bonnie and Clyde thing Marcel and Rebecca are doing, without the crime. Don’t miss Pretty little Liars, be there when Ali tells all about the night she disappeared  and The Originals Tomorrow.

The Originals Banner



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