Happy Pretty Little Liars day!

Happy Pretty Little Liars Day

I hope you started your day out with a little white lie…or a dark one 😉 

I wanted to make a WWSHW! Anthropologie meets Banana Republic. Lets get Started! So what I first did was oviously went into Bananarepublic.com  and anthropologie.com and clicked on the “New Arrivals” and made selections.

What Would Spencer Hastings Wear?!

This top and sweater I found on Anthropologie.com and I loved it because it is green and Spencer as we all know has a very randomized  outfit but SHE MAKES IT WORK! and the inspiration was “shadow play” look. click on the images or the links below them to be redirected to these clothing pieces.

25. Heartblocked pullover28. Nita Top

> Sweater

> Top



The jeans are a Spencer classic just some regular rolled up jeans and the flats are a total match for the Sweater and Spencer loves Flats. Both pieces are from Bananarepublic.com. Click on the Images or the links below to be redirected to each clothing pieces.

26. Colorblocked heart pullover29. Ashley Bow Ballet Flat





Well that was for today’s WWSHW?! and I will see you guys tomorrow and don’t forget to watch Pretty Little Liars and The Originals Tonight 😉

Pretty little liars banner

The Originals Banner



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