Taylor Swift has a NEW!!! Side project?



Taylor Swift tweeted about a single that just came out by Bleachers and she mentioned that it was very exited about it, Yesterday I read on MTV.com and there is some speculations she will team up and get a song out. In my opinion I believe as Fearless as Taylor is I believe she will end up writing a song, or maybe related. I really don’t want to start a rumor that I heard from anyone that she is but I believe that I wouldn’t be surprise if she did. If you want to read the article I read the link will be here.


In other News what did you think about Pretty Little Liars. I have to admit I saw it later the night it premiered like last night but I was busy and couldn’t make it. Pretty Sweet how Aria was playing detective, and sad how Spencer blurred the truth out, but even lower that Aria and the other girls didn’t suspect a thing. I’m not saying anything more because I don’t want to Spoil anything for People that Haven’t watched it. If you are one of those Please go ahead and go watch it just click the banner to be redirected, or this link.

1500.5x1Don’t trust anyone only 1 person and 3 words Me, Myself and I.



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