1. HAPPY PRETTY LITTLE LIARS DAY!!! may your day be as interesting as it is in Rosewood!


2. I have major news that I have to tell you guys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE American Horror Story and I love it even more because It is going to have a creepy Circus setting but I read that it’s setting is going to be in… NEW ORLEANS AGAIN. I Had to tell everyone about my excitement.


3. Aria’s Style on today’s episode “Free Fall “


Ok the cardigan I couldn’t find an exact match 😦 but I found a fairly similar one and I found it at Neimanmarcus.com and here is the picture. To be redirected click on the Link or the Picture Below.

Aria 2

ok next the dress was a bit complicated to find because at first I thought it was a Blouse but then I found out it was a dress by the picture where she is standing up. I found the dress on urbanoutfitters.com. To be redirected click on the link or the picture below.

Aria 1

The shoes are not showing so I can’t know 😦 well I hope you guys tune in to Pretty Little Liars and enjoy it. I will see you guys tomorrow thank you for reading. Watch because this episode Aria will find out :O will it be the end of Ezria or the start of a fresh “no secrets”  relationship? Stay Pretty my lovelies.


Don’t forget to check back at gottaylor.blogspot.com to see if i’ve posted new stuff.



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