Happy Valentine’s day!!


(Skip to 2:02 and watch till 2:07 if you don’t have time to watch it all)

I know I know today is a very special day for Love Birds, and don’t feel bad single people. Things happen for a reason I mean what if you did have a girlfriend/boyfriend and they were gonna break up with you on Feb 15, it happens. Well since today is love day and couple day I gathered pictures of some certain couple that is in between The Vampire Diaries and The originals… Yes you guessed it Klaroline or Carolaus. I didn’t do Stelena because people that know me Know that I talk about Stelena ALL THE TIME. Besides Klaroline/Clarolaus is adorable as well. Alrighty lets get started


Klaroline 6

Klaroline 3

Klaroline 10

Klaroline 8

Klaroline 5

Klaroline 4

Klaroline 2

Klaroline 1

Klaroline 7

I Approve of Klaroline/Carolaus but my number 1 priority and devotion goes to Stelena because THEY ARE, THEY WERE, AND THEY WILL be forever. Or I will Die. Let me know Julie… you just let me know.


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