Pretty Little Liars “Free Fall” 4×20

Well Non-Facebookers here you have it preview pictures of next weeks episode of Pretty little liars “Free Fall” Enjoy and don’t forget to watch it on Feb 18th.

Pll11 Pll9

Ok Here we see Aria and Ezra talking alone in the hallway, possibly telling her that her friends are trying to keep her away from him? Hmmm?

Pll10 Pll8 

Then we see Spencer all raggedy with some sweater, shorts and flops. Is she going insane? Then on the next picture we see Aria, Hanna, and Emily talking about something maybe Spencer?


Aria doesn’t seem to be upset with the rest of the girls, have they told her yet? or will Spencer have to tell her, maybe they don’t have the guts.


Here we see Mona and Ezra together talking, are they having an A team meeting or is he telling her something negative?


Aria Seems Happy at the beginning but then she stares at Ezra seriously with some file folders on her hand. Is Ezra showing her some fake papers of the girls?


OHHH this pictures are too good to wait for but we will have to wait for them whether we want to or not. Don’t Forget to catch Pretty Little Liars on Feb 18, only on ABC Family.


Don’t Trust no one but yourself 😉



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