Pretty Little Liars Blanc et Noir Part 1


I don’t know about Ya’ll but I got so inspired by the next Pretty Little Liars episode it being black and white and all. So I got into my glamorous mood and looked for an inspiration outfit for all of the crew and yes I do include Ali. Let’s go along shall we? ohh but it is going to be long so I will make it into 2 parts one Today and the other tomorrow.

First I will Do Aria Montgomery,

Aria DressAria Shoes

First of all the main part, I found this dress suitable for Aria because the length makes her look taller and the color makes her hazel eyes pop. The Shoes oh the shoes, my fave part ok well I found these stilettos black suede with hints of gold because Aria loves wearing heels and these look glamorous. To find out where I found these items click on the images or just click on the links below.



Aria BraceleteDita-Von-Teese-ArtDeco-Classic-Makeup-Collection-07

OK last but not least for Aria’s look is the accessories and the make up, i know I know Aria loves accessories but I believe that the dress was a statement by itself but here is a bracelet I found at for her signature look. For the make up I found a gorgeous picture online and I see Aria with that side beauty mark.


ok now for Spencer Hastings

Spencer Dress Spencer Shoes

Ok Lace I love Lace and I also Love Spencer Hastings and this dress is perfect for her because she portrays the serious, formal one of the group and she rocks at it and this dress is beyond beautiful. The Shoes are so astonishing and they fit perfect with the dress they have 3 color tones that the dress has. I fell In love with this outfit and I know you all Spencerets are going to as well. To look at these items click on the Image or simply click on the links below.



Spencer PurseSpencer look

Ok Spencer is a very organized young gal so I looked for a purse to define her signature accessory and this also fits lovely with the dress and the shoes. Her look is simple yet glamorous as well. the lip color and the nails will make her eyes pop. To see where i found the signature accessory  click on the picture or the link below.


Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.48.31 PM

Ok so that concludes for today… yes thats it tomorrow I will reveal the rest of the lovely gals. Emily, Hanna, and Ali I can’t wait to share the rest with you tomorrow, as of now The rest is a MYSTERY.


Don’t trust a girl with an ugly secret 😉


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