Pretty Little Liars “Shadow Play” 4×19

Don’t Miss all new episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday only On ABC Family. This post will all be Black and white so I just wanted to add the banner below so it can have at least a bit of color. click on the banner if you didn’t see Last week’s Pretty little Liars.


ok as we all know that Pretty little liars is going noir and we are gonna experience a whole new category of this show. here are the pictures for the non facebookers.


1800400_10151914568560233_1879444581_n 1656227_10151914568760233_1592975825_n 1653945_10151914569485233_89182066_n




1560620_10151914569125233_1058492157_n1555362_10151914568765233_1049850576_n1510772_10151914569475233_687126622_n 1508618_10151914569275233_626128653_n1044109_10151914567665233_1096162256_n1043968_10151914569610233_1672213894_n

1013864_10151914569280233_737773975_n 1510739_10151914568185233_620861513_n1011258_10151914567885233_785683151_n1002374_10151914567675233_698286946_n


well thats it for this Preview pictures blog I hope you guys find it useful and I will see y’all tomorrow.

pretty-little-liars  Don’t miss The Liars on black and white only on ABC Family


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