Shay Mitchell on E news January 31, 2014

Well as we all know Shay Was on E news and If you haven’t watched it yet head on to the E news website and check it out.

E-News-Logo-350x541Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 12.23.11 PM

On friday The Pretty Little Liars Facebook Page added a picture of Shay Mitchell with the E news gals, saying to not miss “Shay Mitchell tonight on E news.” That means that if you didn’t watch it Friday night, watch it NOW


They all look so beautiful but as you can tell Shay pops out the most because she is wearing a beautiful Leopard print dress and it is a knee length so she looks very elegant. She also had her hair up in a low ponytail and she looked ravishing. As well as you know me I went on looking for a match for the dress Shay was wearing but I didn’t or don’t think I found the exact match but I did find this one


Fairly similar of the same, I can’t tell because It appears that the Image has a filter so I couldn’t see the exact color of the dress. But the dress I found is the same length the same print and it is as elegant as the one Shay is wearing on the image and you can find the dress here. click on the link or simply click on the image of the dress to be redirected


Shay is also wearing a thick beautiful chain necklace. and I found one on this website. click on the image or the link to be redirected so you can get your.


So this concludes today’s post and I hope you guys enjoy it and I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to watch All new episode of Pretty Little Liars only on ABC Family


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