Lucy Hale “bite your tounge” Pretty little liars

Don’t miss Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday only on ABC Family. Click on the Image to be redirected to the ABC Family Pretty little liar website.


OK So I just viewed the Pretty little liars sneak peeks on facebook and I saw Aria with a very pretty top or dress so I google searched and I found the image of her entire body and it was a dress, this image is pretty cool because her and Ezra are on the set and recording so here is the image. And I think that you guys should thank me because I found 3 possible dresses and they look fairly similar and now you can buy it, wear it to school or work and rock that future Aria look 😉

LUcy 2

And here are the possible Dresses

Lucy 4 LUcy 1 Lucy 3

The links are going to be located in order from left to right. Click on the images or simply click on the links below this. look and shop and let me know if you bought any of these.

Dress 1

Dress 2

Dress 3

UPDATE: The exact match of this dress Aria is wearing can be found by clicking here or just simply click the image.


This post may be updated on tuesday or wednesday only because I want to see what shoes the show’s stylist puts on Aria. The Pretty Little Liars Previews can be viewed at



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