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Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 12.12.49 PM

Ok so the other day I was thinking and I need to add purpose to this category. But like what? So I’ve to figure it out and I hope I do before I finish this sentence. Oh I got it, I was just looking of some pictures of Spencer’s style and I found this cute picture and I thought boom that is my inspiration so here it goes.


So here is the picture I told you guys about and here is my inspiration outfit.

14. Quickstep to it flat 12. Comme Des Garcons Vintage 13. Grey Capri Dress Pants

and with a simple White under shirt you will complete the outfit. I had so much fun looking for these pieces, because while I was in the Way I Found Several more so im looking forward. So if you want to look at these pieces online and you wanna buy them just click on the links I’m gonna add under here… or just click on the pictures that will redirect you as well. Well Have a nice rest of the day and I will be posting Tomorrow Byeee.


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