Covergirl Flame out Mascara (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire collection)

OK One thing you guys should know about me it… That I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY, and I love Mascaras. I was in need of mascara for 2 months now (3 months ago), So when I heard that Covergirl launched a Hunger Games Collection I was ecstatic. I went ahead and bought the District 12 Mascara “Flame out” I was ready to try it and say Ehhhh it is not that good. When I first tried it I FELL IN LOVE with it it was sooo good, and I just had to tell you because I wanted it to try it for 2 months and Make a Youtube Video but I never made it ANYWAYS.


Mascara From

I loved the way the brush, it has this curl to it. The product itself is very lightweight sometimes I forget im wearing it, and it actually curls them, I never use a lash curler but I noticed that people would think I did. People love this mascara on me and I’m pretty sure they are gonna love it on you 😉 I know there is another one that is only called Flamed out and it looks like this:


I haven’t tried this one but i’m pretty sure it is the same. Try the Hunger Games edition that one won’t stick around for a long time since Its limited edition so you won’t find it for long so Try it, Try it now and if you have let me know what you thought of it. Its ok if you didn’t like it. Well that is it for this review. I know it’s kind of short but I mean I told you what I thought about it and that is what really matters.

See you tomorrow and May the odds be ever in you favor. HAPPY HUNGER GAMES.


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